Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Denouement: "Die with Me"

This is how it ends.

Except: Stakes being what they were and all, of course the fuckers wouldn't have the decency of cutting everyone else loose.


W. Kasper said...

"Nah - woise dan an animal - hooman!"

carl said...

one of my favourite films of all time!

W. Kasper said...


Jon Voight used to be one of my favourite actors - until he became a neocon nutcase and crowded the landscape with his bloody daughter.

Greyhoos said...

I actually haven't seen it since it initially hit video way back when. But something about the starkness of it left a permanent visual impression lodged in my memory.

Kills me how Roberts's character is essentially a revival of his character in The Pope of Greenwich Village, except done with an fairly awful faux cajun accent. PAULIEEEEE, THEY TOOK MY THUMB!!!