Thursday, 20 September 2012

Origins of the hipster cyclist

 “A bicycle is the young Sloane girl’s method of transport in London, for four reasons:
  • ·         It is archaic.
  • ·         It has a basket.
  • ·         It is a horse you don’t have to feed or groom.
  • ·         It is dangerous
Bicycling in towns is one of those slightly mad, rather jaunty things Sloanes do. It’s a point of conversation at parties – comparing routes and horror stories with other cyclists or explaining to non-cyclists why you aren’t scared. The reason why you aren't is similar to why Sloanes shouldn’t be scared out hunting. It’s outdoors; you love the feel of wind in your face, the element of risk and the superiority.”

Ann Barr & Peter York, The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook (1982), p.121.