Monday, 22 July 2013

Sons and daughters










Dusty Springfield (Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien), b. 1939 in London to Gerard and Catherine O'Brien from County Kerry.

Kevin Antony Rowland, b. 1953 in Wolverhampton. Parents from County Mayo.

Shane MacGowan, b. 1957 in Kent. Parents from County Tipperary.

John Lydon, b.1957, London. Parents John and Eileen Lydon from County Cork. 

Steven Patrick Morrissey, b. 1959 Manchester. Parents Peter and Elizabeth Morrissey from County Kildare. 

Boy George (George Alan O'Dowd), b. 1952 Bexley, Kent. Parents Jeremiah and Dinah O'Dowd from County Tipperary.

Johnny Marr (John Martin Maher), b.1963 Manchester. Parents from County Kildare. 

Noel Thomas David Gallagher b. 1967 and Liam (William) John Paul Gallagher b.
1972, Manchester. Parents Thomas and Peggy Gallagher both from Ireland. 


Or just another country?

"Do you pray to the Holy Ghost when you suck your host? / Do you read who's dead in the Irish Post? / Do you give away the cash you can't afford?'

"As for Morrissey, we come from entirely different backgrounds, and such comparisons are a very good example of over-educated people over-analysing, and looking for ridiculous connections. You end up hunting UFOs if you're not careful."





Valecha Chandran said...
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I like it on the live version when he shouts 'das ist religion!'.