Saturday, 3 May 2014

watched a bunch of Robert Altman films, most of them I think were on the boxset to pad it out really, but damned if this doesn't stick with me the most:

One of the best musical performances I can think of in as unlikely a vehicle as a Robert Altman teen comedy. Unsure of how the band and Altman became entangled but I'm not sure I want to really.


Greyhoos said...

Probably not worth overthinking, because the story might be pretty mundane. Altman was having difficulty with Hollywood after the pillorying he took over "Popeye." By and large, he spent most of the '80s stepping away from major studio productions, turning to theatrical and indie projects instead. The teen-comedy formula was probably involved him having to make commercial concessions to the studio (if not having the project assigned to him). As far as King Sunny is concerned -- the "world music" market was starting to kick off, and Ade was one of its most popular artists at the time. (Series of albums on Island, with Stevie Wonder producing the last of the batch.) Maybe Altman had heard Ade & his band and wanted them in the film, or maybe it someone at the studio's idea.

Anonymous said...

Great blog.....

Apropos of nothing... The "OC and Stiggs" Short stories were hilarious and great subversive short stories from the re-incarnated National Lampoon of the 80's.

I was greatly disappo0ointed when this p.o.s. was finally released (escaped?).