Thursday, 15 December 2011



David W. Kasper said...

Doesn't Green look a twat in that video! Only 12 year-olds dressed like that then (and only 12 year-old girls had 'Bananarama' hairdos too).

The trend-hopping pretentious twerp - Shabba!


i was watching this waiting to see if Green would fess up to his past as folk fan (the first time he learned to play on guitar was morris dance tunes, he was obsessed with martin carthy, you can still hear the influence in early scritti tunes) and he does mention his Traditional Music days but only quite briefly

completely missed this show at the time, i think this must have been when i was a student/dole-ite with no access to TV -- it's surprisingly intelligent

David W. Kasper said...

I used to watch it - great way to 'catch up' on stuff if too young for music papers etc. It always had a good combo of guests (like that clip) who actually knew what they were talking about. The "Did You See"/book programme/news review format applied to pop. They'd talk about industry trends, social factors etc. - not just "it's fab/not fab".

I think The Tube killed this approach off really, with its kids TV style. After about 1983/4, it was all frenetic pace, irreverence, irony - and crowds usually, to give an indication of what kind of audience should enjoy certain kinds of music.

William said...

Robin Denslow: the nice man Andy Kershaw could have been.